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Who We Are

Maxen Animation & Media Production was founded in 2016 by Khaled Dirbashi who began his artistic career since 2000, from graphic design to the world of 3D animation and tv commercials.

And with all our expertise & energies, we offer creative motion pictures & advertising materials proudly, to fulfill our ambition & satisfies our client who looking for quality.

“We believe that nothing can be achieved without dedication and passion for uniqueness”

Our services fits into three main sections:
–Media Production for advertisers as branding & TVC’s.
–Assisting producers in their production who want to add animation, graphics and special effects to their films.
–Special Maxen Productions  like Short films and 3D Animated Cartoons.

Our mission is to continue understanding the market challenges & the needs of clients and producers then work hard to produce what’s new to make a place of pride and privileged access beyond expectations.

“We believe in advertisements that build with new and creative ideas is the closest way to consumer heart”

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Union’s Better


We intend to establish a cooperative link between the companies we represent to standardize the quality of our production, each and every one of us has an independent entity, but we are united.

  • JWAN Media Production & Distribution

  • SQUARE Design & Print Services

You can be one of us. Contact us